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Waste management systems

Year Country Scope Who
2018/2022 Kosovo, Serbia Technical advisor to an international financial institution in project due diligence, feasibility and implementation matters JvK
2018 Kosovo Advising an international financial institution on a potential project pipeline for an urban-rural environment (incl. logistic centre, C&D waste processing and disposal site, mechanical biological stabilisation, inclusion of informal sector JvK
2017, ongoing Maldives Technical consultancy while setting up a new waste management infrastructure incl. collection, transfer, treatment, disposal and landfill restoration JvK
2015/2017 China Advising on and reviewing of new waste management systems for various counties in China, logistics, MRF incl. RDF production and anaerobic digestion, landfill closure JvK
2011/2012 Ghana Development of an integrated waste managment concept covering landfilling, sorting, recycling and future options such as waste-to-energy JvK
2009/2011 UAE Design of a waste collection, treatment and disposal system for the Emirate of Fujairah JvK
2009/2010 Egypt Design of a waste management system for a newly developed residential area in Cairo JvK
2009 UK Reviewing and complementing waste management strategy for Wales “Wise of about Waste” NB
2008/2010 Libya Development of a master plan for the City of Tripoli incl. take over of municipal corporations, consisting of collection, street and beach cleaning, transfer, landfilling, RDF production JvK
2000/2004 Russia Project coordinator during development of a waste management strategy for the period 2001 to 2015 and a concept for the future involvement of the private sector in the provision of environmental services in the city of Ekaterinburg NB


Year Country Scope Who
2019/2022 China Optimising waste-to-energy applications in several Chinese municipalities JvK
2019, ongoing Czech Republic Advising a WtE operator in technical aspects of a waste supply agreement for a new-built facility JvK
2017 India Support during a WtE tender (incl. a landfill mining component) JvK
2017, ongoing Maldives Technical consultant while establishing a WtE facility incl. preparation of a DBO contract, tender and implementation support JvK
2015 China Technical advisory covering all aspects of WtE facilities during a climate related project in China JvK
2013/2014 Russia Technical advisory on the implementation of the first public private partnership (PPP) project in the waste management sector in Russia (St Petersburg), a thermal treatment facility was included in the scope to the service provider NB
2013/2014 Russia Feasibility study on the integration of waste/RDF fuelled CHPs into the Russian heat market JvK
2013/2014 Germany Commissioning supervision of the lot furnace/boiler/flue gas treatment including first revision ChS
2012 Germany Technical and commercial due diligence of a number of fluidized bed fired waste-to-energy plants ChS
2010/2013 UK Development of solutions and providing waste management expertise for a £ 600 million fuel use contract with North London Waste Authority, role included overseeing and reviewing inputs from all the supplementary activities such as planning, engineering, legal and financial NB
2010/2011 Germany Various consultancy and technical advisory services on a biomass gasification CHP plant ChS
2010 UAE Feasibility study for a WtE facility in Abu Dhabi including site reviews and negotiations with key stakeholders NB
2010 Germany Concept study for a thermal sweage sludge treatment plant (municipal and industrial sludges) at Ingelheim as preparation of the local council decision ChS
2009/2010 UK Key technical expert and lender’s engineer for several PFI WtE projects, amounting in total to 1,200,000 tonnes per annum NB
2008/2010 Germany Extension of residual heat usage of an RDF fuelled CHP (combining cooling and heating energy supply) JvK
2007/2013 Germany RDF fired power plant 3x90 MW fluidized bed: Project management on the Principal’s side (Legal Permit, process technology, warranty management) ChS
2005 Germany Analyses of fuel usage in different waste wood fuelled CHPs and its compliance with the valid legislation and guidelines JvK
2002 and 2008 Germany EPC contract review of several WtE units (scope of supply, QM/QA, statutory compliance) JvK
2001/2004 Germany Operational excellence analyses of WtE facilities and a hazardous waste incinerator JvK


Year Country Scope Who
2015 France Commissioning management during start-up operations for a CFB boiler and a flue gas cleaning after a biomass conversion program ChS
20142 Malaysia Commissioning supervision for an overhauled process steam generator for the customer Petronas ChS
2013/2014 Germany Commissioning supervision of the lot furnace/boiler/flue gas treatment including first revision of a biomass fuelled CHP ChS


Year Country Scope Who
2016/2017 India Drafting an extended producer responsibility scheme for packaging waste JvK
2016/2017 Kosovo Assessment of publicly owned entities (incl. structural set-up) and their provision of waste management services JvK
2015, ongoing Moldova Feasibility study for the capital city Chişinău to prepare a technically and economically feasible/bankable priority investment programme (PIP) in solid waste operations NB
2015 China Preparation of technical scope of US$ 300 m waste management and landfill reclamation project JvK
2014/2015 Tajikistan Program manager during feasibility study for the city of Nurek to identify technically feasible and viable projects for a priority investment programme (PIP) in solid waste operations and preparing institutional reform program NB
2014 Indonesia Techncial consultancy during project preparation on waste related greenhouse gas emission mitigation actions JvK
2014 Malaysia Commissioning supervision for an overhauled process steam generator for the customer Petronas ChS
2014 Germany/Iraq Tender support, tender evaluation and tender return report of a leachate treamtment plant JvK
2014 Russia Commissioned by a private waste management company, providing lenders technical advisory services towards a Russian bank JvK
2013 Netherlands Concept design of plant and product gas treatment of a biomethanol plant, mass and energy balances overall plant, sub project management ChS
2010 UK Technical advisor on various waste management projects (MBT and AD) incl. bid preparation, review of technical solutions NB
2010 Malawi, UK Assessment study for disposing of coal ash and tobacco waste generated by a tobacco processing plant incl. cost estimation NB
2010 Germany Concept study for a thermal sewage sludge treatment plant (municipal and industrial sludges) at Ingelheim as preparation of the local council decision ChS
2008/2009 UK Preparation of output specification for a waste infrastructure procurement in Wales and provision of ad-hoc advice related to residual waste treatment NB
2008 UK Development and implementation of a local planning policy which was, amongst others, associated with climate change mitigation, the use of renewables and low carbon technologies NB
2006/2008 UK Market study for metal recovery within the UK waste market and analyses of market trends NB
2007 Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden Management, minimisation and procurement of network losses in high-voltage networks JvK
2006/2007 Germany, Sweden Analyses of security measures implemented by ultra-high voltage and high-voltage network operators after 2006 blackout in Germany JvK
2002/2003 Germany Operational excellence of coal fired power stations (maintenance organisation and staffing, coal mill operations) JvK