Tailormade and Suiting Your Needs

Taking care of your project, from the inception to its tail-end, von kories consultants provide you with a comprehensive set of consultancy and engineering services. Commencing at problem and feasibility analyses and ending in commissioning and operation of a facility, we join you and your team through the entire life cycle of a project.

Regardless whether we have to solve issues related to soaring costs of waste collection, transport, treatment and disposal, whether we will be delivering a newly designed waste management infrastructure, or whether we are asked to witness design flaws or malfunction of equipment, our commitment to excel your expectations is the driving force behind our endeavours.

If you need a tailored financing scheme including the arrangement of L/C (either deferred or immediate payment), von kories consultant and their partners may assist and support you as well.

Technical Project Life Cycle

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Analysis of current situation and constraints, detailed technical due diligence report, review of available studies, environmental and social assessment, soil and hydrogeological surveys.



Feasibility and front-end-engineering design studies, determination of construction methods, operating principles, technical specifications and bills of quantities.



Preparation of tender documents, support during tendering, contracts for the civil works and the supply of equipment, as well as support and training to the client during procurement.



Coordination and supervision of construction works and delivery of equipment, commissioning supervision and acceptance tests, quality control, claim management and approval of invoices.



Mechanical treatment for sorting, RDF production, tire recycling and WEEE, biological treatment units for composting, biogas production and bio-drying, thermal treatment and energy recovery.



Support during facility commissioning, training on installations, provision of theoretical and practical knowledge on equipment operations, capacity building in administrations and private entities.

Whatever you expect us to deliver, individual phases or the whole set of our expertise, please do not hesitate to contact us accordingly.

Commercial and Legal Services

Starting a new business requires a solid legal and organisational set-up in any part of the world. Besides these formal aspects our consultants may prepare the necessary agreements on SPV, loan, land lease, supply and delivery, they may specify O&M contracts, and advise you on all corporate finance matters. In all these cases von kories consultants and their affiliates will take on the lead in the commercial and legal consultancy while local lawyers, tax consultants and accountants will be engaged to meet the national standards of concern.

If you decided to extent your business either by an M&A or by leveraging new business lines we would be pleased to provide the due diligence, define the MBO/MBI scheme or to develop a new business plan and to let it materialise.

Last but not least, we may recruit the necessary personnel to achieve the expected success.