Who we are

von kories consultants are a team of highly qualified and experienced German engineers. We deal with all aspects of waste management and strive to apply technically sound, economically viable and environmentally friendly solutions to waste issues you have to face.

Embedded in an extensive network of engineering skills and knowledge, besides Jürgen von Kories who has a broad knowledge (incl. operational experience) in all waste management and treatment subjects,

Nadia Boyarkina

Waste management and institutional specialists, with an extended track record in developing WtE projects and in providing lenders technical advisory. Nadia is a full member of the Chartered Institution of Waste Management (CIWM), UK

Michael Rensing

Excelling in the operation and commissioning of facilities

Dr.-Ing. Christoph Schmid

Expert in WtE (including gasification and biomass CHPs) design and commissioning related matters (Schmid Umwelttechnik). Experienced project manager, PMP® (ID# 1 865 472).

will utilise their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to work out the options which suit your needs.

Partnering with the internationally experienced management consultants Kiem Unternehmensberatung GmbH and its affiliates, von kories consultants can cover the entire life cycle of projects, from the feasibility study to setting-up an SPV to own and operate a facility.

To date we have accumulated more than 100 years professional experience.
Our geographical stretch covers the countries as depicted.